plumbing repairs Perth

New Developments

Let Rapid Plumbing the leaders in Plumbing Repairs Perth, take care of your next development.

Our team of plumbers are on hand to plan and install your next project with a minimum of fuss.

No job is too big or too small for Rapid.

Our expert planning right from the start will ensure your job is completed efficiently and professionally.

Call Paul for a quote today!

Leaking Pipes

Rapid specialise in plumbing repairs Perth including locating and repairing leaks: anywhere, anytime.

Our fast and efficient service will save you time and money.

We have the latest in leak detection technology and can repair or replace any type of pipe as required.


TIP:  Check your water meter regularly to ensure you have no hidden leaks. If your meter is moving quickly it may indicate a leak somewhere!


 plumbing repairs Perth
 plumbing repairs Perth

New Appliances

Just purchased a new appliance?

Rapid’s team of fully qualified tradesman have the experience and the training to install of your equipment.

  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Water Filters
  • Ice Maker/Water Fridges
  • Drink Fountains
  • Gas BBQ’s
  • Space Heaters

Roof Repairs

From a single roof leak repair through to a complete re-roof or gutter replacement, Rapid are the team to service your needs.

Our roofing team has over 30 years experience in their field and will give you the best advice and service available.


TIP:  Cleaning out your Gutters & Roofing can have some hidden dangers. Beware of wasps and other bities when cleaning out your gutters. Don’t want to cross the path of nasty insects? Just call Rapid!


 plumbing repairs Perth

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The Henley Brook has experienced it’s fair share of plumbing issues. Even though we are a relatively new build we have had the need for several call outs for plumbers. Rapid Plumbing are now our go to guys! They are quick, efficient and affordable. Highly recommend them for commercial and residential works! Justin Rogan

The Henley Brook