blocked drains perth

Rapid blocked drains Perth specialise in drain clearing and repairs, with their service second to none!

We have the latest in drain cleaning and inspection equipment available. From that gurgling sink or shower right through to main sewers of all sizes. Our team is on hand to get your system flowing again: quickly, safely and hygienically.

A full sewer inspection and report is also available.


Avoid pouring grease or fats down the sink. This has the same effect as a blocked artery and could give your drainage system a heart attack!


At Rapid we believe that the wise use of water is a very important issue. Western Australia, as we know, is a very dry state. Getting the most out of every drop should be everyone’s goal, it is one of ours!

Our team has over a decade of experience in waste water treatment and disposal.

From a small grey water system at a single dwelling, right up to a sewage treatment plant for a small community, we can, install, service and repair with a minimum of fuss.

blocked drains perth

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